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LPR ‘landing’ in Belgorod

23 February 2014
By Maxim T’ulenin


Location: ‘Ne-Cafe’ youth club, Belgorod
Members of the LPR Federal Committee swooped on a youth club in Belgorod, a Russian city near the Russia – Ukraine border, to give a talk on the ideas of classical liberalism and challenges faced by those willing to promulgate them in Russia. Part Two of the event was devoted to a debate between libertarians and representatives of the Belgorod branch of the ‘Lenin Youth’ political movement.

Part One


Maxim T’ulenin. Libertarianism: FAQ. “Making others work for ‘the greater good’ as one sees it is the worst kind of selfishness imaginable”.

Andrey Shal’nev. Regional elections as a means to bring about liberal reforms.

Part Two

Discussion entitled ‘Capitalism vs. Socialism: Which Model Will Work for Russia Today?’

Participants: Igor Tsevmenko and Roman Kalinin (‘Lenin Youth’) vs. Andrey Shal’nev and Sergey Venevitinov (LPR)