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About Libertarian Party of Russia

L Ibertarian Party Of Russia

The Libertarian Party of Russia (LPR) is an association of Russian citizens that champion the ideas of libertarianism. Its political and economic agenda is derived from thelibertarian philosophy, the principles of the individual’s self-ownership and non-aggression (regardless of whether the perpetrator of aggression is the individual or the state).

  The Party was founded in 2007 and is currently working on its registration with the Ministry of Justice to allow it to put forward candidates and party tickets in future elections. In 2012, Vera Kichanova , an LPR member, was elected for a public office in the Moscow municipal district of S. Tushino thus becoming the first libertarian deputy in Russia ever. On March 9, 2013 LPR held its registration convention in Moscow. Among the top items on the party 2014 agenda is to participate in the Moscow City Duma elections.

  Over and above political activism proper, LPR activists devote much time and energy to promoting libertarian ideology. Since 2010 LPR has acted as the inspiration behind and chief coordinator of theannual international libertarian conference The Adam Smith Forum , traditionally held in Moscow, arranged and co-managed sessions of the Free People’s Forum  – a chain of monthly or bimonthly outreach events designed to cover a broad variety of cities and towns all across Russia, dedicated to the current political agenda in the country as a whole and at the local level and the libertarian response to the challenges. In addition, LPR runs the monthly newspaper The Atlant , puts out a libertarian podcast entitled Side with Liberty and regularly runs public debates and cine-clubs all across the country. LPR members also engage, on a regular basis, in (often webcast) public politics-themed discussions with proponents of other political trends.

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